Jio Internet Speed Test

Jio, an Indian mobile network operator, has rapidly risen in popularity, thanks to its mission to provide millions of Indians with internet access. The firm, owned by Reliance Industries and based in Mumbai, has hundreds of millions of users, all reliant on Jio’s network for their digital lives. It’s not surprising that the Jio Internet Speed Test is a sought-after tool for checking the quality of internet connection.

How to Perform Jio Internet Speed Test?

Running a Jio Internet Speed Test is a breeze. All it requires is opening your browser and typing this URL: On this webpage, you select your Host ISP, but it’s advisable to let the system choose the optimal ISP automatically.

Ready to test your speed? Simply press the ‘GO’ button. This test will quickly evaluate your download, upload, ping, and jitter speed. It’s an efficient and user-friendly method to verify how fast your internet connection is.

Jio’s Expanding Digital Products and Services

Over recent years, Jio has impressively diversified its digital products and services portfolio, far exceeding traditional telecom operator businesses. One of the pioneering achievements for the company was becoming India’s first VoLTE (Voice LTE) service provider. This not only offered 4G LTE services but also led to the release of basic smartphones under the LYF and JioPhone brands, both utilizing the company’s 4G network.

Enter JioFiber, a game-changing service, offering speeds up to 1Gbps, making it the fastest broadband available in India. It’s not just about high speed, though. JioFiber provides users with the ability to create separate WiFi IDs for guests and ensures a constant, unlimited symmetrical speed connection, providing an internet browsing experience without buffering.

JioFiber’s Intelligent Accessories

Customers also get their hands on some cool JioFiber accessories like JioExtender6. This device smartly distributes bandwidth among several devices at once. The result?

Extremely low latency for critical applications like gaming and video streaming. It ensures an uninterrupted experience, even when multiple devices are consuming a lot of bandwidth.

Another nifty accessory is the WiFi Mesh Extender. This JioExtender cleverly chooses the optimal internet connection, whether it’s connecting to JioFiber Home Gateway or another JioExtender via Wi-Fi or ethernet. JioExtenders form a chain to extend Wi-Fi coverage to the farthest reaches of a user’s residence.

Jio’s Wi-Fi Calling and Video Features

Wi-Fi Calling is another feature that allows users to make and take calls using their Jio phone number over a Wi-Fi network. Even video calls to any Jio number are possible. This feature is especially helpful in connecting during signal problems in rural places or cellular-dark zones inside a building.

Jio makes sure voice calls are crystal clear. With Jio’s Free HD Voice, users across India can make flawless calls. For the first time in India, consumers can use the JioJoin App to make landline calls from their smartphone or television. It’s a revolutionary step in communication technology!

The Innovative JioTV Plus

JioTV Plus is India’s first-ever integrated platform, combining TV series, movies, videos, and popular apps like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, SonyLIV, Zee5, Sun NXT, among others.

What does this mean for the user? It’s an unlimited bundle of entertainment at their fingertips. Moreover, users can record programs to watch later, ensuring they never miss out on their favorite shows.

Jio Customer Service

Despite the vast array of services and products, the focus on customer service remains strong at Jio. The helpline for JioFiber Customers is 1800-896-9999, while for general queries, the number is 199.

Jio also provides email support. Based on the type of query or problem, users can select the appropriate email link at

As Jio continues to enhance its services and products, users can rest assured that the Jio Internet Speed Test will be a critical tool to ensure they’re always connected at the best possible speed. From the diversity of products to an unwavering commitment to customer service, Jio is truly changing the face of digital connectivity in India.

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