Telkom Indonesia Internet Speed Test

Imagine a world where your Telkom Indonesia Internet Speed Test yields thrilling results every time. In the fast-paced universe of digital connections, we crave speed and dependability. Yet, what if you could test your internet speed with a single press of a button?

Welcome to Telkom’s Internet Speed Test.

How to Perform Telkom Indonesia Internet Speed Test?

Performing a Telkom Indonesia Internet Speed Test is as easy as pie. The process is quick and intuitive, designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. All it takes is a click on the ‘GO’ button. But, let’s go step-by-step.

Firstly, fire up your browser. Type in in the address bar. Here lies your speed check destination. Once you’ve landed on the page, a selection of Host ISP will be at your disposal.

Let the system work its magic. It chooses the optimal ISP automatically, giving you the best possible conditions for a fair and accurate test. Then, all you have to do is hit the ‘GO’ button. You’ll see your internet speed test roll-out, checking download and upload speeds, as well as ping and jitter rates.

There you have it! A smooth, straightforward process.

Products and Services

Not just an internet speedometer, Telkom Indonesia is much more. This Indonesian telecommunications network is a state-owned information and communications technology company. Its shares are traded on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) under the name “TLKM.” But, what exactly does Telkom Indonesia offer?

Its services are divided into various segments – Mobile, Consumer, Enterprise, Wholesale International Business (WIB), and Others. Let’s briefly dive into each one.

Mobile Services

In the Mobile sector, Telkom Indonesia provides services like mobile voice, text messaging, and numerous value-added services. It’s all about keeping you connected on the go.

Consumer Services

The Consumer division is tailored for home consumers. Offering fixed wireline telecommunications, pay television, data, and internet services, it is a one-stop solution for all home-based connectivity needs.

Enterprise Services

Corporate and institutional clients are provided with end-to-end solutions under the Enterprise category. These solutions are designed to aid businesses in keeping their operations running smoothly.

IndiHome Packages

Telkom Indonesia is popular for its IndiHome packages. They are bundled with services that offer a fast and secure connection at a discounted rate. Users can handle their daily online tasks for as little as IDR 200,000 per month. Furthermore, users can enjoy a variety of perks such as Rp. 100,000 cashback and extra 57 TV channels for three months.

IndiHome packages are divided into 3 categories – Paket 2P with internet+phone services, another Paket 2P with internet+TV services, and 3P for customers to enjoy internet+phone+TV services. The 3P (Internet + TV + Phone) and 2P (Internet + TV) packages also include Disney+, Hotstar UseeTV GO app, at no extra charge.

Telkom Customer Service

Beyond offering excellent services, Telkom Indonesia is also known for its stellar customer service. They are reachable via phone at 147 and email at [email protected]. You can also check out their official website at for more information.

Every click on Telkom’s Internet Speed Test button brings a whirl of speed, and the remarkable services make it a gem in the field of telecommunications. So, why wait? Give it a try today!

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