U Mobile Internet Speed Test

The U Mobile Internet Speed Test emerges as a swift, reliable, and effortless method to check the pace of your internet. Are you curious about how swift your U Mobile Internet is? Simply hit ‘GO’ on the Speed.one test, and you’ll know in seconds.

How to Perform U Mobile Internet Speed Test?

The U Mobile Internet Speed Test checks your download, upload, ping, and jitter speed with a single tap. Wondering how to make this happen? Follow these steps.

  1. Kick-off with opening your browser and typing https://speedtestcopel.com/u-mobile/ in the address bar.
  2. Next, you’ll see the option to Select Host ISP. Don’t fret over it. Let the system choose the optimal ISP automatically.
  3. Once done, press the ‘GO’ button and sit back while the Internet Speed Test starts. In no time, you’ll have your internet speed stats.

In an era where everything is data-driven, understanding your internet speed is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Products and Services

U Mobile, a Malaysian multi-award-winning mobile data service provider, is known for its data-centric approach. Despite being the newest telecom company in the country, U Mobile’s grasp of customer preferences has let it expand from strength to strength. Its commitment to providing robust services and exceptional customer experience sets it apart.

Being the first in business to offer an array of products and services such as free monthly data for prepaid plans, microfinancing smartphones, and unlimited data at low pricing, U Mobile is an industry pioneer. It has launched several first-of-their-kind digital services, paving new paths in the telecom industry.

Moreover, U Mobile has created a robust fintech ecosystem. Products like GoPayz, a universal e-wallet offering digital financial lifestyle services, and GoBiz, a digital payment acceptance solution for enterprises of all sizes, underline their innovative spirit.

U Mobile’s Recent Network Infrastructure

The company’s recent network infrastructure allows users to scale quickly in response to demand. The U Mobile Ultra-Unlimited Wireless Broadband offers unlimited data for home learning, work-from-home productivity, and fun gaming. U Mobile has also increased the base limit for customers who want to learn or work from home.

Users can select from four available data plans. These allow consumers to connect various devices at their homes at a time, from smart TVs to tablets. Those opting for the Ultra Unlimited Wireless Broadband package can utilize several devices. If users want to buy a device from the company, they can select from various MiFi devices.

Fiber Broadband

U Mobile’s Home Fiber Broadband service brings lightning-speed Internet to your doorsteps. With internet speeds up to 1Gbps, users can enjoy studying, streaming movies, playing games, and working. All activities at a user’s home run smoothly thanks to a steady internet connection.

The company offers various packages with speeds ranging from 100Mbps, 500Mbps, to 1Gbps.

Prepaid Plans

The prepaid plans come at reasonable prices as low as RM20/month. The free Speed Booster, offered with all plans, lets users enjoy maximum speed. 5G access is included in these plans for a high-speed, zero-latency connection.

U Mobile Customer Service

For any queries or concerns, U Mobile provides a robust customer support system. You can reach them on the phone at +6018 388 1318 or drop them an email. Users can address their queries at the following link: https://www.u.com.my/en/personal/support/contact-us.

U Mobile has transformed the digital landscape in Malaysia. Their reliable services, exceptional customer support, and the U Mobile Internet Speed Test exemplify their commitment to delivering value to their customers. So, don’t wait, go ahead and test your internet speed today!

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