SaskTel Internet Speed Test

Welcome to the world of high-speed, quality internet in Saskatchewan, Canada, a world where SaskTel reigns supreme. Ever wondered about the speed of your internet connection?

Well, the SaskTel Internet Speed Test is the compass you need to navigate this journey.

With a user-friendly design and simple operations, this tool gives you accurate measurements of your internet speed.

Performing the SaskTel Internet Speed Test

To initiate this exciting journey, open your web browser and visit

Here, you’ll encounter the ‘Host ISP’ option. Feel free to select your ISP manually or let the system automatically choose the best ISP for you.

The next step? Just press ‘GO’. You’ve just triggered a comprehensive test that measures your internet connection’s download, upload, ping, and jitter speed. No intricate steps, no technical jargon. It’s as straightforward as it gets.

Products and Services

SaskTel’s world is not limited to speed tests. They provide an impressive array of services that encompass every communication need you could imagine. Their portfolio brims with wireline and wireless communication services, landlines, mobile networks, and broadband internet.

Their broadband internet service is an impressive force, housing copper DSL, fiber to the house, and wireless broadband options. And that’s not all. They offer IPTV and security services that blend quality and peace of mind for all users. With SaskTel, you don’t just receive a service; you gain access to an expansive communication ecosystem.

In this universe of communication, SaskTel’s infiNET is a shining star.

It’s a fiber-optic network that gifts users with high-speed connections and unlimited usage in their homes.

It’s already revolutionizing 20 towns, with no signs of slowing down. Envision a world where games download in record time, online gaming is virtually latency-free, and streaming on Twitch is smooth – infiNET makes it a reality.

For those who love a good binge-watch, infiNET guarantees an enhanced streaming experience on Netflix, Crave, YouTube, and other platforms. With sharper images and less buffering, infiNET adds a dash of luxury to your streaming experience.

SaskTel selectWI-FI

SaskTel’s vision goes beyond mere internet provision. As a SaskTel Wireless, Internet, or maxTV user, you unlock access to selectWI-FI, free from hidden costs or data charges.

With selectWI-FI, data usage limits are a myth. The data you use doesn’t impact your wireless plan’s data quota. And the cherry on top? Your SaskTel wireless LTE device will automatically connect as long as your Wi-Fi device is switched on. Forget about keeping track of usernames or passwords.

The Comfort of Free In-home Wi-Fi

With SaskTel, your home becomes a haven of seamless Wi-Fi connectivity. As part of their Internet plans, they offer unlimited in-home Wi-Fi, granting you the liberty to surf to your heart’s content on your home devices.

And SaskTel’s in-home Wi-Fi does more than just provide a surfing gateway. It’s fortified with a built-in firewall and automatic updates, forming a robust shield against potential cyber threats.

SaskTel maxTV

With SaskTel’s maxTV, your entertainment options transcend the boundaries of your living room. Your set-top box can go wireless, transforming every corner of your home into a potential entertainment zone. Enjoy a film under the stars or watch a thrilling sports match from your deck. With maxTV, you redefine the concept of television viewing.

Home Phone Services

SaskTel’s home phone service keeps you connected locally with unlimited calling and ensures accessibility during emergencies, including power outages. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a suitable long-distance package, with pocket-friendly monthly charges or per-minute rates.

Connecting with SaskTel Customer Service

If you need guidance or have queries, SaskTel’s customer service is just a call away at 1.800.SASKTEL (1.800.727.5835). For more information, visit their official site:

With the SaskTel Internet Speed Test, SaskTel manifests its unwavering dedication to top-tier service and customer contentment.

Take it for a spin today, and witness the power of speed.

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