Umniah Internet Speed Test

Umniah speed ​​test is a great way to measure your internet speed. SpeedTest Umniah includes Download, Upload, Ping, and Jitter connection options. To get started, simply click the “start” button.

How To Perform Umniah Internet Speed Test?

Start your browser and enter this URL: Select ‘Host ISP’ and let the system automatically choose the best ISP for you. Press the ‘GO’ button, and just like that, your Internet Speed Test is in progress. It’s that simple!

The Magic of Umniah

Established in June 2005, Umniah is a subsidiary of Batelco Bahrain, and in a short span of time, it has established itself as a fast-developing and highly trusted telecom operator in Jordan. But what sets Umniah apart?

Primarily, it’s the company’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Umniah ensures its clients derive pleasure from its services, offering high-quality mobile and internet solutions.

Umniah’s Fiber Packages

For customers looking for an unmatched internet experience, Umniah’s fiber packages are the ultimate game-changers. With four different options available, customers can pick the package that best fits their needs and budget.

  • Umniah Fiber Internet 100 Mbps Offer lets users enjoy unique gaming and TV-watching experiences with 100/100 Mbps download/upload speeds.
  • Umniah Fiber Internet 400 Mbps Mifi Offer provides a 400 Mbps download speed, a 100 Mbps upload speed, and a Mifi for just 35 JD.
  • Umniah Fiber Internet 1000 Mbps Offer grants an astounding 1000 Mbps download speed and a 300 Mbps upload speed, offering a splendid at-home entertainment experience.
  • The Umniah Fiber Mix 100 Mbps Offer comes with unlimited monthly capacity and download/upload speeds of 100/100 Mbps.

Evo Home and Mobile Internet

Umniah’s Evo Home presents a range of offers, tailor-made to suit varying customer needs. The Home Internet Free MiFi Offer, with its capacity of 2100 GB, has won the title of being the best internet offer in the country. Other packages like the Home Internet 15 JDs and 18 JDs offers deliver monthly capacities of 2000 GB and speeds of 8 Mbps.

Mobile Internet users aren’t left out either. Umniah’s postpaid packages include the Ultra 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and 60 bundles that offer varying GBs of internet, along with unlimited SMS and local minutes.

Umniah’s Prepaid Plans

Catering to its diverse clientele, Umniah also offers several mobile prepaid plans with a variety of offers for prepaid users. Among the nine U Lines bundles, the Ubasic is available with a monthly subscription, but international rates may vary. The U 6+ plan offers a data limit of 10 GB and free local minutes, 3000 SMS, and international call minutes.

Umniah Customer Service

Behind all these high-quality services is Umniah’s exceptional customer service. The team can be reached via phone at +962788001333 or email at

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