iiNET Internet Speed Test

The iiNET Internet Speed Test is not just a tool, it’s your gateway to understanding the pulse of your internet connection.

With a single tap on the ‘GO’ button, you can gauge your download, upload, ping, and jitter speeds.

The How-To of iiNET Internet Speed Test

Running the iiNET Internet Speed Test is a breeze. Fire up your browser and punch in the URL:

Once you land on the page, you’ll notice an option to pick your Host ISP. You can let the system auto-select the best ISP for you.

Next, just hit the ‘GO’ button. The test kicks off, and within moments, you’ll have a detailed report of your internet speed.

It’s as straightforward as it gets!

The Journey of iiNET

iiNET is more than just an internet service provider. It’s a pioneer that has left an indelible mark on Australia’s digital landscape.

It was the trailblazer ISP to offer TCP/IP internet access in the country.

The brainchild of Michael Malone and Michael O’Reilly, iiNET was born in 1993 and has been on an upward trajectory ever since.

The company amalgamated with several small ISPs, carving a robust customer base in Western Australia.

It later brought ihug and OzEmail under its umbrella, broadening its customer base to the eastern states.

The Spectrum of Products and Services

iiNET’s portfolio of products and services is as diverse as it is impressive.

It rolls out a variety of NBN plans and services, including FTTF, ultra-broadband cables, and VDSL networks.

One of the flagship services is the iiNET 5G Home Broadband.

Driven by iiNET’s 5G network, this fixed wireless broadband service is a compelling alternative to fixed-line broadband services like NBN.

The 5G Home Broadband Modem syncs with local mobile towers to deliver internet service to your home.

With blanket coverage throughout your home, you can wirelessly tether your smartphone, laptop, and other Wi-Fi devices.

iiNET also rolls out award-winning NBN plans.

These plans kick off at 59.99 dollars on a monthly basis. Customers can add optional Fetch Entertainment and a modem with a 4G backup feature to ensure they stay connected seamlessly.

The modem also supports Wi-Fi 6.

For those who lean towards wireless, iiNET’s Home Wireless Broadband Smart Modem Gateway latches onto adjacent mobile towers.

This delivers swift broadband internet with a plethora of options for families to cherry-pick from, based on their needs.

iiNET Customer Service

iiNET’s customer service is just a dial or click away. You can touch base with them at 13 22 58 or shoot an email to []

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