Optus Internet Speed Test

Ever been curious about the velocity of your internet connection?

The Optus Internet Speed Test is your answer.

This nifty tool swiftly gauges your internet speed, giving you a clear picture of your online prowess.

Just hit the ‘GO’ button, and it will evaluate your download, upload, ping, and jitter speed.

The How-To of Optus Internet Speed Test

Running an Optus Internet Speed Test is a breeze.

Fire up your browser and punch in the URL:https://speedtestcopel.com/optus/.

Once you land on the page, you’ll spot an option to pick your Host ISP. If this sounds Greek to you, fear not; the system is smart enough to select the best ISP for you.

Then, tap the ‘GO’ button to kickstart the Internet Speed Test.

Within moments, you’ll be privy to a detailed report of your internet speed.

A Peek into the World of Optus

Optus, a fully-owned offshoot of Singapore’s SingTel, holds the title of Australia’s second-largest telecom provider.

Although it’s part of SingTel, the company primarily operates under the Optus brand.

The company’s roots trace back to 1981 with the inception of the government-owned AUSSAT Pty Ltd.

Optus Pty. emerged as one of Australia’s national satellite firms and one of the first global national communications satellite networks.

The Optus Spectrum of Products and Services

As the largest telecommunication firm in Australia, Optus caters to over 10 million users daily with a diverse array of services.

These range from mobile, internet, satellite, and entertainment, to corporate network facilities.

The 5G Internet Revolution

Optus is at the forefront of the 5G Internet revolution, offering easy setup steps.

Users can configure their 5G modem and download the Optus app for guidance.

The company extends a free 5G internet trial for one month, inclusive of the start-up fee.

For the speed demons, the Entertainer Superfast plan is a godsend.

With this plan, users can enjoy lightning-fast 5G download speeds of up to 225Mbps.

It’s the perfect solution for those working or studying from home, thanks to the generous bandwidth.

Home Internet Options

Optus rolls out a variety of home internet choices, including NBN Home Internet, 5G Home Internet, and 4G Home Internet.

These flexible month-to-month plans come packed with unlimited data and varying speeds.

The NBN Home and 5G Home Internet plans also throw in Netflix.

Prepaid Services

Optus offers a plethora of prepaid services, including Prepaid SIM Plans, Prepaid Internet, and Prepaid Phones.

Users can opt for the Optus Flex, a subscription package that marries excellent value with supreme comfort.

Optus Customer Service

Optus prides itself on its stellar customer service.

You can dial them up at 133 937. If you’re more comfortable with online chats, use the link https://www.optus.com.au/for-you/support/contact-us.

In a nutshell, the Optus Internet Speed Test is a valuable tool for assessing your internet speed.

Whether you’re an Optus loyalist or contemplating a switch, this tool offers invaluable insights into your internet performance.

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