Unifi Internet Speed Test

Are you itching to check how fast your Unifi Internet connection is? Allow me to introduce you to the Unifi Internet Speed Test.

This tool checks how fast your internet speed really is. Simply put, it’s your speedometer for navigating the digital highway.

How to perform Unifi Internet Speed Test?

So, how exactly do you perform this speed test? It’s easier than tying your shoelaces.

Firstly, open your browser and type in the following URL: https://speedtestcopel.com/unifi/. Select the host ISP and let the system choose the optimal ISP automatically.

Now comes the exciting part.

Press the GO button and watch the tool work its magic. It will test your download, upload, ping, and jitter speed in no time. A comprehensive diagnosis of your internet health, if you may.

Products and Services

Unifi is not just about speed tests, though.

They are a telecommunication firm hailing from Malaysia with its headquarters stationed in bustling Kuala Lumpur. Their services, including internet access, VoIP, and IPTV, are extended to both domestic and commercial users across Malaysia.

But the cherry on top of their service cake is their Fiber to the Home (FTTH) for separate housing units and VDSL2 for high-rise office blocks.

Unifi Air

Meet Unifi Air. It’s their wireless broadband facility providing fast-speed internet access over a wireless network.

This recent plan comes with a free wireless router that can connect with up to 64 devices at once with unlimited data capacity. Perfect for those family gatherings or friends’ meetups, wouldn’t you agree?

The convenience is next level – plug the router into a power outlet and you are ready to surf. Take it wherever you go, stay connected as long as you are within Unifi LTE coverage.

Mesh WiFi Technology

Here’s another feather in their cap – Mesh WiFi Technology. This lets you access the internet freely and safely, no matter where you are in your home.

The Mesh Wi-Fi booster fits your needs, regardless of your room size. It’s arguably the best way to ensure a consistent and smooth internet connection.

For those tech-savvy among us, Unifi offers a dual-band router supporting 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi frequencies. If you are close to the router, 5GHz is your best friend. But if you are far, 2.4GHz will save your day.

Unifi TV

And let’s not forget Unifi TV.

From TV series to kids zone, Asian wave to local entertainment, and sports, they have it all. Their world-class streaming apps, included in the Unifi TV pack, are sure to enhance your viewing experience.

You can even upgrade your home viewing experience with the latest Unifi Plus Box, allowing you to watch LIVE sports, breaking news, children’s programs, documentaries, local and international dramas, and blockbuster movies.

Unifi Customer Service

In case you need assistance, Unifi’s customer service is at your disposal. Dial 100 from local fixed lines and mobile numbers or +603 2241 1290 from international lines. You can also reach them through their official site: https://home.unifi.com.my/support/contact-us.

With all these services and an internet speed test to boot, Unifi certainly knows how to cater to your digital needs in style.

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