Banglalink Internet Speed Test

Ever wondered about the speed of your Banglalink internet connection? Perhaps it’s time to perform the Banglalink Internet Speed Test.

How to Perform Banglalink Internet Speed Test?

Performing this test is simpler than you may think. Begin by opening your browser. Type in This site is designed to check just how fast your internet speed is. All it takes is a click on the ‘GO’ button.

The platform tests several metrics, such as your download and upload speeds, ping, and jitter speed. However, before starting the test, make sure you select your Host ISP. Don’t worry if you’re unsure about this; let the system choose the optimal ISP for you automatically.

Once done, hit that ‘GO’ button and let the system perform its magic. Keep in mind, though, that this tool gives the most accurate results when your internet connection is idle. So, pause those downloads and hold off on streaming your favorite show during the test.

Who is Banglalink?

It’s important to understand that Banglalink is more than just an internet speed test. A subsidiary of Global Telecom Holding, Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd., also known as Banglalink, is a major telecom firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

This telecom giant is the third-largest mobile network provider in Bangladesh. It’s a wholly owned company by Telecom Ventures Ltd., another 100% owned subsidiary of Global Telecom Holding.

Products and Services

Banglalink is widely known for its vast range of products and services. The company provides a broad spectrum of prepaid internet plans and packages for their customers, ranging from Mini Pack Family to Extra Large Pack Family, and even Social & Toffee Pack Family.

For instance, within the Unlimited Pack Family, users can opt for two plans. The first plan gives users access to 15GB of internet for 24 Hours at Tk.547. Alternatively, they can choose the second plan, which provides 40GB of internet for 24 Hours at Tk.1199.

But it’s not just about the internet; Banglalink also offers voice plans. Users can choose from three types of plans: Lite Bundle Family, Regular Pack Family, and 4 Days Pack Family.

Take, for example, the Lite Bundle Family. It includes four plans, each with varying minutes and validity periods. Pack 1 provides 250 min for 30 Days at Tk.168, while Pack 4 offers a whopping 1000 min for 30 Days at Tk.607.

Postpaid Services

When it comes to postpaid services, Banglalink leaves no stone unturned. Postpaid customers can select from a variety of internet packages, similar to their prepaid counterparts.

What’s interesting is that postpaid customers can also choose voice plans. They can avail themselves of a 30 Days Pack, which offers 200 minutes of talk time at Tk.147, valid for seven days.

Banglalink Customer Service

A company’s success is not just about its products or services, but also its customer service. Reach out to Banglalink’s customer service at their phone number: +8801911304121. Or, send an email to

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