Robi Internet Speed Test

The Robi Internet Speed Test is a tool designed for users to gauge the speed of their internet connection. This tool isn’t just any speed test; it provides a real-time snapshot of your upload, download, ping, and jitter speed.

Wondering how to perform this simple yet powerful test?

How to Perform the Robi Internet Speed Test

The process is as seamless as it could be.

All you need to do is open your browser and type in Once you’re on the page, you’ll notice a button that says ‘GO’. A single click on that button and the magic begins.

Your test will automatically start, with the platform choosing the optimal ISP for you to ensure the most accurate results.

It’s that straightforward!

The Powerhouse Behind the Speed Test: Robi Axiata Limited

The Robi Internet Speed Test is powered by Robi Axiata Limited (Robi), a subsidiary of the formidable Asian telecom giant, Axiata Group Berhad, located in Malaysia.

As of the end of December 2018, Robi boasted a staggering user base of 46.88 million, securing its position as the second-largest mobile network operator in Bangladesh.

Robi: A Bouquet of Products and Services

Robi is not just about internet speed tests. It offers a plethora of services and packages to cater to varying user needs.

Internet Offers

Robi is known for its generous internet offers, providing users with a range of plans and packages.

Ever dreamed of unlimited internet?

The Unlimited Internet Celebration lets you break free from the constraints of data limits and validity periods. It includes two types of offers:

  • The Unlimited/Uninterrupted Internet offer, featuring unlimited internet for two hours at Tk. 23 or three hours at Tk. 34.
  • The Unlimited Validity offer, with plans like 10GB internet for Tk. 444, 20GB for Tk. 777, and 50GB for Tk. 1444.

Or perhaps you prefer a combination of Internet and talk time?

Robi’s 1GB + 30 Minutes offer provides 1GB of internet and 30 talk time minutes for just Tk. 98, valid for a week.

Voice Offers

Robi has a plethora of voice offers as well.

For instance, the Rate Cutter Offer has ten different plans, offering varied call rates at different prices for different validity periods.

Another lucrative option is the 90 Paisa/Minute offer, providing a call rate of just 67.5 Paisa/min, valid for 30 days.

Internet and Voice Packs

Robi also excels in providing combined packages.

The Internet Pack, for instance, can be availed by purchasing a scratch card. It includes 200MB of data and 15 talk time minutes, costing just Tk. 29 and valid for a week.

For those who need more, the Bundle & Voice Packs offer 210 talk time minutes for Tk. 146, valid for 15 days.

Robi Customer Service: Always at Your Beck and Call

Need assistance with your Robi services?

Contact Robi Customer Service at these phone numbers:

  • Complaint Helpline: 158
  • Call Center: 121

Alternatively, you can also drop an email at

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