Grameenphone Internet Speed Test

In the sprawling digital landscape of Bangladesh, Grameenphone Internet Speed Test stands as a beacon for gauging internet performance. It’s your go-to tool for understanding how fast your internet is. It’s as simple as clicking ‘GO’. But what really happens when you hit that button? Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty.

How to Perform the Grameenphone Internet Speed Test?

Begin with your favorite browser and type in the URL: This portal invites you to the world of internet speed testing. The journey is smooth and straightforward. Just select your Host ISP and let the algorithm choose the optimal ISP for you. Then, click on the ‘GO’ button. Voilà! You’ve begun the Grameenphone Internet Speed Test.

With this speed test, you’re not only checking your download and upload speeds but also your ping and jitter rates. These measurements can help you understand the quality of your connection, crucial for smooth browsing and streaming experiences.

Behind the Name: Grameenphone

The Grameenphone journey began with a partnership between Telenor and Grameen Telecom Corporation. Known affectionately as GP, it has grown into the top telecom carrier in Bangladesh, boasting an impressive 83.02 million users as of January 2022.

As the pioneer private company in Bangladesh implementing GSM technology, GP has also proudly launched the nation’s first 5G network. But what sets it apart? What makes Grameenphone the leader in the telecommunications space? It’s the vast array of products and services offered.

Products and Services

Grameenphone’s offerings are robust and cater to every digital need. Whether it’s Internet Packs, All-rounder Packs, or Entertainment Packs, GP has a variety of packages. Each package offers unique features with varying data limits, validity periods, and price points, catering to diverse user needs.

The GP 4G service exemplifies their commitment to providing the best. From the deep ocean regions to far-flung locations, their 4G network offers constant connectivity. With GP 4G, users experience superior browsing speeds, enhanced download/upload speeds, reduced latency, and overall better network experience.

The Dawn of VoLTE

Ever heard of VoLTE? It’s the cutting-edge technology Grameenphone is employing to take voice communication to the next level. No longer will your calls switch to 2G or 3G. With VoLTE, users can make voice calls over the 4G network, which are priced similarly to calls made on 2G or 3G networks without additional data fees.

Prepaid & Postpaid Packages

Grameenphone’s Prepaid Packages are like the ultimate playground for telecom users. With the Djuice package, users can talk to any local number at 27.5 poishas per 10 seconds. And if you’re thinking of FnF numbers, Djuice has got you covered. Then comes the Nishchinto package, a testament to flexibility, allowing users to make local voice calls at a call rate of 27 poishas per 10 seconds.

And let’s not forget the Postpaid Packages. The MyPlan Bundle is a game-changer, opening a plethora of possibilities for potential postpaid subscribers. Whether it’s PayGo, Bundle, or a monthly commitment, MyPlan lets you use the service the way you wish.

Grameenphone Customer Service

Reach out to Grameenphone’s customer service anytime at +88-02-222282990 or +880-1799882990. For digital communication, you can email at

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