ACT Fibernet Internet Speed Test

Internet speed is a critical factor in today’s digital age.

Whether you’re streaming your favorite show, attending a virtual meeting, or simply browsing the web, a fast and reliable internet connection is a must.

One of the renowned internet service providers in India, ACT Fibernet, offers high-speed internet services that cater to these needs.

But how can you measure the speed of your ACT Fibernet connection? Enter the ACT Fibernet Internet Speed Test.

How to Perform the ACT Fibernet Internet Speed Test?

Performing an ACT Fibernet Internet Speed Test is incredibly simple. Open your browser and type in the URL: This tool is designed to check your download, upload, ping, and jitter speeds in just a few minutes.

Select the host ISP and let the tool choose the optimal ISP automatically. Press the ‘GO’ button to start the test. The user-friendly layout of the tool completes the test in a few steps, providing real results instantly.

The ACT Fibernet Internet Speed Test is a part of the Ookla speed test, ensuring the accuracy of the results. You can even share your results on various platforms by copying the URL, making it an on-demand tool for internet speed checks.

Understanding the Components of the Speed Test

The speed test provides data on various factors that influence your internet connection. The download and upload speeds are measured in Mbps and indicate how fast data can be transferred to and from your device.

Ping, on the other hand, measures the time it takes for information to be received from the ISP to your device. It’s a crucial component in determining the responsiveness of your connection.

Jitter speed, often overlooked, is equally important. It measures the variation in ping over time. A lower jitter speed indicates a more stable connection.

Products and Services

ACT Fibernet, also recognized as Atria Convergence Technologies Limited is well-known for offering a smooth experience with high-speed internet. The firm has established itself as one of the most powerful broadband service providers in India, with its headquarters in Bangalore.

Among a select group in India offering Gigabit internet connectivity, ACT Fibernet is well established in locations such as Chennai and Hyderabad, among other regions.

This company distinguishes itself further by providing specially tailored broadband packages in specific areas, with exclusive advantages including rebates on Netflix subscriptions and complimentary sampling periods for various OTT platforms.

The company provides its customers with a fully-dedicated internet connection, bringing the latest advanced Fiber optic technology to homes (Fiber to Home – FTTH). With long-term rates of up to 1000 Mbps, users can choose from a variety of plans ranging from 10 Mbps to 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps) based on their demands.

ACT Fibernet Customer Service

ACT Fibernet is committed to providing superior customer service. For any queries or issues, customers can reach out to ACT Fibernet Customer Service Phone Number: +91 – 9121212121, +91 – 7288999999 (Call Center), 1800 1022 836 (Toll-Free Number).

Customers can also reach out via Email:

In conclusion, the ACT Fibernet Internet Speed Test is a reliable and easy-to-use tool that provides accurate results about your internet connection speed. It’s an essential tool for ACT Fibernet users to ensure they are getting the speed they are paying for.

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