Tikona Internet Speed Test

Welcome to the digital world where lightning-fast internet speeds are no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Our focus for today is the “Tikona Internet Speed Test” – a straightforward tool to measure your Tikona internet connection’s speed.

How to Perform Tikona Internet Speed Test?

Performing this speed test is a breeze. Open your browser, type https://speedtestcopel.com/tikona/ in the address bar, and let the tool do the rest.

Once the site loads, simply press the ‘GO’ button.

The speed test checks your download speed, upload speed, ping, and jitter speed. Select the Host ISP and let the tool choose the optimal ISP automatically.

By just pressing the ‘GO’ button, you embark on the journey to discern how fast your internet speed really is. The simplicity is truly awe-inspiring.

About Tikona

Tikona, an Indian telecom firm, stepped into the telecom industry in 2008.

Spearheaded by industry veterans, it has since constructed the largest mobile, enterprise, broadband, and DTH networks in India. Now, that’s a mammoth achievement!

Products and Services

Tikona caters to home-based consumers and businesses with its diverse product offerings.


Tikona, a national broadband internet service supplier, offers users the ability to check their internet speed before making a payment. Users are provided with three types of plans: Broadband Internet Plans, Unlimited Broadband Plans, and High-Speed Internet Plans.

They also offer a ‘Plan Selector’ feature that assesses your budget, speed choices, and usage patterns before generating a high-speed broadband plan tailored to your needs. With their plans, customers enjoy download speeds up to 4 Mbps with greater security via WPA2.

Secured Office Wi-Fi

In today’s high-tech environment, secured office Wi-Fi solutions are becoming more crucial. Tikona introduces a range of services, transforming users’ workplaces into tech-forward spaces while minimizing expenses. Their workplace Wi-Fi solution allows users to join their business network from anywhere using smart internet gadgets. Compared to regular Wi-Fi access points, users receive twice the coverage, interference protection, and a secure Wi-Fi connection via WPA2 Enterprise.

Leased Line Internet Connection

Tikona provides Internet Leased Lines to users’ offices via wireless last mile. They deliver near-100 percent Internet uptime using the existing wired internet. Users enjoy a variety of media via the wireless final mile. Load balancing capabilities ensure optimal bandwidth usage.

MPLS Networking

MPLS services from Tikona use Cisco routers and multi-service switches at major sites throughout India. Connected by a mesh network, these sites provide increased productivity, reduced network-related costs, and more efficient operations.

Tikona Customer Service

For a seamless customer experience, Tikona provides a phone number: 3945 3434 (Attach your native STD code as per the city you’re calling from), and an email address: [email protected]

In the quest for fast and reliable internet, Tikona emerges as a strong contender. With a range of offerings, innovative solutions, and excellent customer service, Tikona provides a comprehensive internet experience. Their speed test tool serves as an accessible, user-friendly way to ensure your internet speed matches your needs.

The “Tikona Internet Speed Test” is not just a tool. It’s your personal assurance of a fast and reliable internet connection. A simple click of the ‘GO’ button can redefine your digital experience. Test today and embrace the speed you deserve.

Remember, speed matters. After all, why settle for less when you can have the best?

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