BSNL Internet Speed Test

Ever felt the need to check your internet speed while streaming your favorite movie or during an important video call?

You are not alone. A speedy and stable internet connection has become a necessity in today’s digital world.

The good news is that if you are a Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) user, you can check your internet speed using the BSNL Internet Speed Test.

BSNL, a state-owned telecommunications company based in New Delhi, India, is one of the country’s leading telecom service providers. Being renowned for its service, it also offers a tool to check your internet speed. But how do you perform this test? It’s quite simple, actually.

How to Perform BSNL Internet Speed Test?

Open your web browser and type This action will navigate you to the speed test page. Then, select your host ISP. If you are unsure, let the system choose the optimal ISP automatically for you. Once done, press the ‘GO’ button to start the test.

What does it test? It checks your download speed, upload speed, ping, and jitter speed. Just a simple click of a button, and you get a comprehensive report about your internet speed.

Products and Services

BSNL, a renowned name in the telecommunication sector, brings to the table an extensive array of products and services. The primary services encompass GSM and CDMA connections, both prepaid and postpaid, fixed-line telephone networks, and an expansive fiber-optic network. They also have carved a niche for themselves with their CDMA-based fixed telephone networks.

BSNL has been a frontrunner in the mobile services domain, boasting a robust clientele of 113 million mobile users across India. Not to mention, it was the first to introduce the concept of free nationwide roaming. But that’s not all—BSNL also caters to diverse value-added services such as Free Phone Service (FPH), India Telephone Card (Prepaid Card), Account Card Calling (ACC), Virtual Private Networks (VPN), and Tele-voting.

Embracing the technology evolution, BSNL offers services like IPTV, a feature enabling customers to watch TV via the Internet, and Voice and Video over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

BSNL Landline and Broadband Services

Rewinding to the days when landlines reigned supreme, BSNL made its mark in the 1990s with the introduction of its landline services. With a market share of 49.34% and a customer base of 10.41 million, BSNL Landline holds a significant footprint in the industry.

BSNL’s broadband services deserve a special mention. Being India’s fourth-largest Internet Service Provider (ISP), BSNL has etched its name in the industry with its broad fiber-based telecom network spanning 7.5 lakh kilometers. Along with offering services like MPLS, P2P, and internet rented lines for corporate clients, BSNL caters to household internet needs as well.

BSNL ensures connectivity to homes with dial-up connections, prepaid service NetOne, postpaid service DataOne, and BSNL Broadband service. They extend a wide range of broadband plans, providing everyone with a plan tailored to their needs. Users also have the option to avail BSNL Broadband’s temporary internet service for a minimum of 15 days.

BSNL Customer Service

For any queries or concerns, BSNL’s customer service is readily available. You can reach them via phone at 1800-345-1500 or email them at [email protected] Whether you wish to get a new broadband connection or fix your existing one, BSNL has made it easier for customers. You can fill a form at

In conclusion, the BSNL Internet Speed Test is a handy tool for users to check their internet speed. Combined with their range of products and services, BSNL proves to be a reliable telecom service provider. Whether it’s their mobile services, broadband services, or customer service, BSNL strives to offer the best to its users.

There’s something truly satisfying about knowing you have a reliable and speedy internet connection. So why not test your BSNL Internet Speed today?

After all, it’s just a click away.

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